Roles & Sections

The DCCWS broadly performs the multiple roles to help bring a smile on the faces of the citizens of Delhi.


  • To supply consumer goods to the public at reasonable rates through its Primary Consumers Cooperative Stores and public through retail outlets of Apna Bazaar functioning in the length and breadth of the Metropolis.

  • To supply stationery items and other general goods at competitive prices to the Govt. Schools, Govt. Offices, Para Military Forces and other official and non-official Organizations and to the general public.

  • Functioning as nominated agency of the government for the sale of liquor through its  retail outlets setup in various parts of the city.

  • To assist government in distribution of scares items of consumer goods during the period of temporary shortage to overcome the difficulties of the general consumers. 

  • To supply dietary items to those Government Department like Social Welfare Department/NGOs which are engaged in the service of down-trodden, handicapped, old and destitute on reasonable rates.


For purpose of proper organizing the activities, the Organization has been divided into various Sections viz.

  • Wholesale/Retail section: The function of this Section is to make bulk procurement of consumer goods from the sources and supply the same to retail outlets consisting of Primary Consumers Cooperative Stores, Franchise shops and retail outlets for sale to public. It is also catering to the requirement of bulk buyers and is making sale to Para Military forces and Central Jail.

  • Stationery section: This Section conducts business with regard to the sale of stationery and other general goods to the government offices, schools etc.

  • Liquor section: The function of this Section is procurement of liquor for retail outlets (L-6 & L-8) set-up in the various parts of the city and to dispense genuine and authentic liquor to consumers.

  • Personal Section: This Section looks after the management of the staff working at Head Quarter and retail outlets. ┬ČThis section also handles work relating to Implementation of R.T.I. Act, 2005.

  • Vigilance Section: This Section conducts surprise inspections of the retail outlets and ensure that no corrupt practices are carried out by the staff working at these retails outlets. It examines and take necessary follow up action on the complaints received both from the public and employees of the Store.

  • Accounts Section: This Section is responsible for the maintenance of accounts in respect of the entire Organisation. It arranges salary and allowances to the staff and other accounting functions including audits of the accounts. It ensures prompt settlement of payments of suppliers. Remittance of Income Tax, Value Added Tax. Recovery and payment of Employees Provident fund, Employee State Insurance etc. It also maintain records relating to member primary stores and their share capital.

  • Care Taking Section: This Section provides infrastructure support to the various sections of the organisation.

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